Mjolnir - The Most Powerful Weapon In Norse Mythology

Mjolnir - The Most Powerful Weapon In Norse Mythology

We've all heard of Thor. Whether we know of him from comic books, Marvel movies or Norse Mythology, we all know the god of Thunder and his mighty hammer Mjolnir; the most fearsome weapon in not only Norse Mythology, but in all existence, powerful enough to level mountains.

The name is derived from the Germanic root of 'malanan' meaning "to grind", yielding an interpretation of "the grinder; crusher". 

For the creation of Mjolnir we have none other than the god Loki to thank. The story goes that Loki was once in an especially mischievous mood, and so he cut off the glowing golden hair of Thor's wife, Sif. Once Thor found out, he was rightfully enraged and promised Loki that he would crush every bone in his body.

Loki pleaded with Thor for his safety and promised to visit the dwarves to see if they could make a new head of hair for Sif. Loki fulfilled his promise to Thor...and then some. He met with the dwarf brothers Brokkr and Sindri and through his trickery he made them forge three legendary creations, the last of which was the mighty hammer Mjolnir. Loki then offered the hammer to Thor, along with Sif's new head of hair.

Ever noticed the exceptionally short handle of the hammer? We also have our friend Loki to thank for that. While the dwarfs were forging Mjolnir, Loki manifested himself as a fly and bit Brokkr in the eyelid, hard enough to draw blood. Brokkr stopped working the bellows to wipe the blood from his eye, long enough for the hammer to come out deformed.

Even though Mjolnir is mostly known for its use as powerful weapon, it is used prominently in Norse religion to bless marriages, funerals and even births. Mjolnir is seen as a cause of both destruction and creation, of both breaking and binding. It plays a pivotal role in the Norse religion.

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